Friday Book Review: I, Zombie by Hugh Howey

I, Zombie by Hugh Howey is not a survival book. It is not a “zombie” book. It is not a grim look at those individuals fighting for their lives as the world is plagued by zombies. There’s no redemption, no survival, and worst of all, no death.

Rather than focusing on the survivors, Howey tell the story through the thoughts of the infected. Their minds intact, they shuffle through the world horrified by their actions but unable to prevent them. The zombie horde is diverse – a single businesswoman, an addict, a tourist couple, a young girl in search of a friend. Each traveling through the world in search of human flesh and redemption.

Reading this brave book,  one once again realizes that in the zombie apocalypse, man will be his own worst enemy. The zombies, existing as powerless passengers inside their zombified bodies, have their own issues and problems. Much like we at the Zombie Emergency Relief Organization have found in our work with orphaned zombies, below the rotting flesh lies destroyed hopes and never to be realized dreams.

I, Zombie is a dark book. There is graphic language and disturbing images. Readers who prefer traditional zombie novels will be challenged by the subject matter of I, Zombie.  That being said, I, Zombie presents a powerful story that few authors have tackled.  The anguish of the zombies will stick with you long after you are done with the book.

Hugh Howey is also author of Wool, the Kindle Book Review’s 2012 Indie Book of the Year Award. Click here to buy  Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1 – 5) (Silo Saga) or here to buy I, Zombie


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