Book Review Friday: Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park by William Bebb

Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park by William Bebb is a horror-comedy taking place in a remote trailer park outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. When a chemical plant accident leaves one man dead, the residents of the park join for the funeral only to have the corpse reanimate and attack the living.

Part of the fun of this novel is the ensemble of characters. Most of the action involves a geriatric trailer park resident, his grandson, and an unlucky sanitation worker who tries to empty the park’s septic tank at the wrong time. Other characters include a survivalist camped out beyond the grid, a married couple who’ve escaped into the valley to cook meth, and a pair of missionaries.

While Valley of Death is a fun, poolside (or fireplace) novel, it could be leaner. Everyone has a backstory and everyone’s backstory has a backstory. Readers who prefer their storytelling stripped down and tight may get exasperated with the sheer amount of information. Though the backstories are entertaining, the reader who skips them will still be able to follow the plot.  This is an easy, fun read.

Best of all, Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park is available through Amazon,  Valley Of Death, Zombie Trailer Park and Barnes & Noble , for free. If you enjoy William Bebb’s writing, you can learn more about him and his other novels at his website:


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