Book Review Friday: Double Dead is Double Good

Double Dead by Chuck Wendig is as persistent as an earworm and as captivating as a fireworks display. Once you start, don’t plan to do anything else until you’re finished.

The main character, an ancient vampire named Coburn, replaces the vampire Lestat as the most kick-ass, charming, and horrifying vampire in literature. He is no angel, instead he is profane and egocentric. He rises after a long underground imprisonment to discover the zombie apocalypse has occurred, and his source of food, humans, are in short supply.  What he does next shows a vampire that is able to think past his hunger, marshal his resources, and help humankind. Yeah, he’s that good.

The zombies in this novel start out as the usual flesh-eating, shambling, mindless, animated, rotting corpses, but when vampire Coburn’s flesh becomes a zombie snack, all hell breaks loose.  The lucky zombie retains the single-minded goal of eating flesh, but gains vampire strength and speed.  A hybrid so terrifying that even Coburn momentarily loses his cocky self-assurance when faced with a group of them.

This book is definitely not for children, but for adults who want a wild ride with jump off the page characters and a view to the zombie apocalypse they’d never suspect, this is the book to read.

Now if we could only convince Mr. Wendig to write a book about the reality of the Great Infection and the plight of our zombie children…

Buy Double Dead at Amazon

More Mr. Wendig at his website


One comment on “Book Review Friday: Double Dead is Double Good

  1. Diane says:

    Ok, went to Amazon and read the first couple of chapters. I have GOT to read the rest. I’ve got to. Thanks for the req!

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