Friday Book Review: Zombie Day Care

zombie day care

Zombie Day Care by Craig Halloran packs a huge story into a small novel. Halloran creates a post apocalyptic zombieland where a college geek named Nate  saves the world by feeding his zombie girlfriend Fountain Dew and discovering its sedative properties.  After he posts a Youtube video of the phenomenon, people start managing zombies with Fountain Dew instead of killing them. Though he is hailed as the savior of humanity, the politics of zombies of dominate world conversation. Backed by the World Humanitarian Society (W.H.S.), Nate campaigns to find a cure for zombification, even as he begins to question the motives of his sponsor.
His former college roommate, Henry, is a scientist working for the W.H.S. at The Facility, a zombie day care/laboratory.  Henry deals professionally with the reality of caring for zombie children even though he thinks all zombies should be killed. His stepfather doesn’t agree, but that’s probably because his wife, Henry’s mother, is a zombie.

The characters in this fast paced novel are interesting and likable. It pulls the reader in and asks the question, what sacrifices would you make for your loved ones? Zombie Day Care shows the consequences of those actions.

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