Fast, Fun, and Free: Just One Day by Jacob Prytherch

Today’s Fast, Fun, and Free novellette is the cross genre sci-fi zombie tale Just One Day by Jacob Prytherch. Traveling in a zombie infested spaceship, the engineer wakes up every morning knowing and dreading what’s to come.

Just One Day is a fast and exciting read. Unlike other cross genre stories, Just One Day blends the most exciting parts of zombie lore and sci-fi exploration into a readable story for fans of either genre. The tight storytelling and plot twists will make this a solid read for anyone. For the steal of absolutely nothing, you can’t pass up this short story.

If you like Just One Day, Jacob Prytherch has another zombie novel, Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead, and another free novella available, Shred (Cuts of Flesh), the first in a six part series. Get it now before the free offers end!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has an easy first week back after the holidays!

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One comment on “Fast, Fun, and Free: Just One Day by Jacob Prytherch

  1. […] Jacob Prytherch’s work, he has another fantastic zombie short story, Just One Day, which we reviewed back in […]

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