Free Stuff Sunday: Choice of Zombies

Yay, rebranding! We’re changing things up a little and broadening our zombie horizons to reflect our love of all things free zombie, not just short stories. So look forward to free movies, games, stories, and more on Free Stuff Sunday.

Choice of Zombies Art by Jason Wiser

For this week’s Free Stuff Sunday, we’re recommending Choice of Zombies– a choice your own adventure style zombie tale by Heather Albano and Richard Jackson. This online game/story places you smack dab at the start of the zombie apocalypse. From there, it’s your choice. Want to be a plumber? Do it. Want to flee to the prison? Go for it. Want to abandon any survivors you run across? It’s your zombie apocalypse.

This isn’t just a stats and finale story. The story itself is well written and engaging. Forging and breaking relationships plays an important part of the game. Recognizing your companions strengths and weaknesses effects your gameplay and ultimate survival. Wondering “what if” will have you replaying this story over and over.

The replay value on this game is pretty good. There’s some overlap from story to story but that’s true in any choose your own adventure novel. A huge perk over traditional CYOA novels is the stat page. In each game you can access where you’re growing stronger and where you’re weak. The stats are an interesting way to view the game. Play once for kills then again for saving lives. Gaining kill points or compassion or engineering can guide your gameplay into new areas of the story.

Choice of Zombies takes about thirty minutes depending on how fast you read and how fast you die. The replays can take less time if you’re slightly altering your previous plays or just as long if you vastly change your character’s actions. Whether you need a quick time kill or are looking for a well-developed zombie story, check out Choice of Zombies


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