Free Stuff Sunday: We’re Alive

We’re Alive is a zombie apocalypse podcast in the vein of old time radio drama. If you enjoy Suspense, The Mysterious Traveler, or just are dying for a zombie show where people get their shit together, this is a podcast you absolutely must listen to.

The series starts with Michael Cross, an army reserve Sergeant. He’s called back to base by his commanding officer to reports of looting and rioting on the news. He arrives on base to find only two other members of his unit, Lieutenant Angel Tunudo and Specialist Saul Tink. The trio quickly finds out that looting and rioting are the least of their problems when a hoard of the undead descend on the base.

We’re Alive is a story of survival. After securing a safe haven, Michael, Angel, Saul, and their fellow survivors find there’s more to surviving the zombie apocalypse than just killing zombies. Dealing with supplies, dietary needs, water, and electricity are just the beginning in a long list of complications and challenges.  This realistic take of exactly what happens if the electricity burns out or how you supply ammo to an entire building of survivors makes this show stand out from the competition.

One of the best parts of We’re Alive is how the group deals with conflicts and discord. There are some strong personalities in the safe haven. Military personnel and civilians, upper class and lower class, youngsters and adults all mesh in a confined place under stressful conditions. While agreement and sometimes even compromise isn’t guaranteed, the dialogue and resolution is relatable.

We’re Alive is currently entering its fourth season. The website as well as the Itunes store has the backlog of episodes to catch up for free. If you love old radio or just want to give an epic drama based on the zombie apocalypse a try, We’re Alive is your best bet.


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