Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst

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Here at the Zombie Emergency Relief Organization we are committed to supporting orphaned zombie children in a caring, contained environment, making the world a little safer for both our charges and the general public. Unfortunately, much as the United States was caught flat-footed during the Mini Zombie Apocalypse of 2010, we worry that another, larger Zombie Apocalypse will someday emerge and threaten life as we know it. Rather than sticking our heads in the proverbial sand, we encourage people to remain vigilant and proactive in preparing for a worst case scenario in which the zombie virus becomes airborne, thereby increasing it’s transmit-ability.

A quick lesson in the chain of disease transmission will explain why this would be very, very bad.

chain disease

An infectious agent, in this case the zombie virus, exists in a reservoir which is the fancy name for where the infectious agent normally lives, grows, and multiplies. The reservoir for the zombie virus is zombies.  When the virus enters a human, there is a brief period between being bit,  becoming infectious, and turning into a zombie.  Zombies are chronic carriers of the virus, meaning as long as they can interact with humans, they can pass along the virus.

A portal of exit is how the virus leaves the zombie host. Currently the virus is carried in the saliva. This limits it’s passage from zombie to human as it is relatively easy to protect oneself against saliva.

The virus passes from zombie to human (mode of transmission) when zombie teeth, covered with infectious saliva, penetrate a human’s skin and deposit the infectious saliva into the human’s body. This, also known as direct contact, makes it easier to stop the spread of disease because only people in the zombie’s physical presence are at risk of being bit and catching the disease.

Portal of entry is the way the infectious agent enters the host. Zombie infection is caused by a bite. Breaking of the skin with teeth introduces the agent.

Susceptible host includes all humans as we have no natural immunity or vaccination against the zombie virus. Once bit, a normal human is infected 100% of the time.

In order to stop the spread of a disease, one of the links in the chain of disease transmission must be broken. Infections spread through direct contact are easy to stop with common sense.  As with rabies, keeping the infected far enough away to prevent bites will stop transmission.


If the zombie virus should mutate and become airborne, stopping it becomes more difficult. Viruses carried by the airborne route follow wind currents and can be sucked into heating and air conditioning vents, leading to disease transmission to individuals both in physical proximity to the host and individuals not in physical contact with the host. A  zombie sneeze, cough or moan in a building can lead to this:

welty ppp  infectious travel in buildings px-resized-600.jpg

Airborne transmission would be catastrophic.

In the interests of our reader’s safety, we’d like to recommend the following blogs which may provide information that will save your life in the event of a full-blown, airborne transmission mode of the zombie virus. There is no need to panic, but prudent planning is advisable.

Zombease bills itself as the myth, mysteries, and guide to living with the undead. From helping you assemble the proper medical supplies,  DIY or die trying tips on fortifying your safe house, and getting the most out of your weaponry, Zombease is a practical guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse. 32 uses for trash bags is a must read.


Gracious Living in a Zombie World: The Ladies Zombie handbook reminds us that even in the face of barbarity, etiquette is important. Their four-part series on the Lil Miss Virginia Territory Pageant, a high glitz beauty contest, shows how creativity and passion persist, even in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.


If there are other preparedness websites you’ve found helpful, please tell us in the comments.

Remember, we feed the zombies so you won’t have to.

Zombie Emergency Relief Organization


2 comments on “Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    This must be one of those Mondays. Today, I also wrote a post about the possible ground zero locations for a zombie apocalypse based on a virus infection. I talked about scenarios regarding contagion contamination. Shameless plug over and done with!

    Anyway, I have to say, your diagrams are amazing. I also wonder about the zombie virus and its origins. The virus acts almost like rabies. Whenever a host gets bitten, the virus culture gets transferred and the victim becomes a zombie. Much like rabies. But then again, that’s how also vampires are born. Hmm… I wonder what would happen if a vampire bites a zombie… Is that how werewolves are born? Then the question should be asked: What came first, the werewolf or the rabies virus?

    • Shameless plugs are fine by us. Will check out your post. We haven’t pondered the science behind vampire and zombie infection similarities, but if you read Chuck Wendig’s Double Dead novel, you’ll see what he thinks happens when a vampire bites a zombie and it is scary stuff.

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