Free Stuff Sunday: Vampire Eden by Liz Newman

Vampire Eden by Liz Newman answers the question: What happens when a former prostitute and half-vampire falls in love with a zombie and the CIA gets involved? Oh, you never asked that question? Too bad! Liz Newman already turned it into a story.

It’s close to Valentine’s Day and since most the men will be distracted by football tonight, this Free Stuff Sunday is for the ladies. Whether you’re into time-traveling Vikings bodice-rippers or just like a good zombie love story, Vampire Eden has managed to crush every fantasy trope into an action-packed eighty pages.

Eden is an aging prostitute shopping her wares in the dilapidated casinos of Las Vegas. Stuck with a disabled, junkie boyfriend and a client list of untouchables, she’s surprised when a handsome craps dealer named Patrick takes an interest in her. Unfortunately, Patrick is a zombie possessed by a clan of vampires who subsequently turn Eden into a half-vampire and demand she find the King of the Dead or they’ll tear her apart. I’ll stop there because I don’t want to spoil it for you but you can also look forward to an active involvement by the CIA: Paranormal Division, the unlikely appearance of Cupid, and discussion of a Las Vegas zombie union. Yes, all this and more. In eighty pages.

Vampire Eden has a lot going on in a very limited about of time. I found myself torn between wanting more and believing eighty pages is just enough of this insanity. This is an off the wall gem. It’s well-written but a little ridiculous. There were lots going on but very little was fleshed out in a way that made sense. Regardless, it’s fun. Like ThanksKilling and Rubber fun. Dark, gory, and “What the hell am I reading?” fun.

Vampire Eden is a free taste for a longer novel coming out in July based on the adventures of Eden: Vampire Hooker. My name, not Ms. Newman’s. Get it on Kindle for absolutely nothing.


4 comments on “Free Stuff Sunday: Vampire Eden by Liz Newman

  1. lizrnewman says:

    Hi Everyone at Feed The Zombies.

    Thanks for reviewing my book, Vampire Eden. I love that it’s featured on the Feed The Zombie Children blog, freakin’ awesome!

    Alas, the free promo for the book has ended, but it’s still a steal for .99 on Kindle. The next book in the series will be titled Vampire Eden: Her Blood Royal. Eden’s bottom dweller days are behind her. I’m priming Eden and Patrick, her zombie lover, to become the rulers of the Las Vegas underworld. The CIA is going to try and stop that, though. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

    Please visit my site or my author page at Amazon to check out the book trailer.

    Many thanks for giving the book some love and stumble on, my fellow zombie/vampire fans.


    • Vampire Eden is a steal at 99 cents! We love free books here, but when we find something we love for free, it’s only fair to repay the author back by buying the next one. Definitely will put the sequel on my reading list. Your friends at the Zombie Emergency Relief Organization.

  2. lizrnewman says:

    Greetings, Zombie Emergency Relief Organization. Vampire Eden has been revised and is free on kindle again for the next two days. Get it while it’s hot hot hot!

  3. […] a throwback bonus, Vampire Eden by Liz Newman which we reviewed a couple of weeks ago, has been re-edited and is free again for a very limited time. If you missed […]

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