Book Review Friday: Night of the Necromancer: Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Night of the Necromancer

Night of the Necromancer: Can you Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by Kyle West and Jelani Sims is a choose your own adventure book that has 76 possible endings, most of them ending with the reader’s death. This reader ended up as zombie food fairly quickly, after only having made what seemed like a few ill-advised decisions.

Not having read a lot of novels where my decisions impact the outcome, I may be stating the obvious in this review, but the experience was much like a video game without the graphics. The narration was decisive and detailed. It quickly let me know who I was and what I was doing and feeling. It managed this so well that at one decision point I realized my decision was based on the sensibilities of the twenty-something narrator rather than what I would do in the situation. The book did an excellent job in keeping me in the role I was playing, and my decisions reflected that. Perhaps that’s why I died so prematurely.

I also enjoyed that it didn’t dive right into zombie destruction and death. The set up included newspaper articles that hinted something was wrong, but not that the zombie apocalypse had started. The fact that the zombies were still in the first wave made it more likely I could survive and made the story better as humankind hadn’t reached the doom and gloom section of the apocalypse.


SF ZOMBIE MOB 2008 (Photo credit: PocketSandNinja)

Overall it was an enjoyable, though short-lived, adventure and worth a try. Next read, I’ll try to live a little longer. Check out Night of the Necromancer here.


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