Free Stuff Sunday: Death Springs and a throwback!

It’s a two-fer this Free Stuff Sunday. The sun is shining, the zombie children are playing nicely and we’re feeling generous at ZERO.

Our first offering is Death Springs


In the vein of The Walking Dead, Death Springs is a comic based story of zombie invasion set in the old West. This web series releases one new page every Thursday and is currently in its second issue.

Part Sunday comic and part graphic novel, Death Springs is a great plot with awesome illustrations. The story mixes zombies in with cowboys and Indians. The main plot is broken up by intermissions which are done by different artists and storytellers with a supernatural twist to the Old West setting.

Issue 1 sets up the story well. It’s a straightforward plot of good sheriff versus bad robbers. There’s nothing out of left field and besides the creation of zombies, it could easily be the first half of any decent Western story. Issue 2 is where things really get going. Once the characters are defined and the zombie apocalypse upon them, the variations of good and evil come into play. The Bad Guys start seeming a little more human, the Good Guys a little less good. Once I blew through the currently released pages, I found myself going back over them to catch artwork and dialogue that I missed. The plot is a unique twist on a familiar setting that’s sure to appeal to any zombie fan.

If you enjoy the story, you can support the amazing work they’re doing at the General Store and follow their updates on Twitter @DeathSprings.

As a throwback bonus, Vampire Eden by Liz Newman which we reviewed a couple of weeks ago, has been re-edited and is free again for a very limited time. If you missed it the first time, be sure to pick it up!

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