A Little Help from our Friends

English: An image of a zombie from the CDC's blog.

English: An image of a zombie from the CDC’s blog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we’d like to answer some reader questions as well as show the depth of knowledge available in the community. We’ve dug through the mailbag and found some questions we can only answer with a little help from our friends.

How do zombies tell the difference between living people and other, perhaps freshly turned, zombies?   The answer comes from our friends at the Necropology homepageZombies have infrared vision which allows them to identify the heat signature of humans. Since a zombie’s body temperature cools off to the temperature of their environment, it’s easy for the zombies to tell the difference between a human and their own kind. Newly dead (those in the process of being attacked) take a while to cool off, which explains why zombies will pile on a human who is being attacked, even after the person is dead.

I haven’t purchased any weapons to prepare for the zombie apocalypse and can’t afford any. Are there any reliable, effective weapons I can make myself?
The answer comes from Zombease – The Pummel Pipe Melee Weapon. Made of steel pipes, the directions are clear and the components are items one can easily find. The finished project looks like a croquet mallet of death. Intimidating.

My fifth grader is scared that we might be separated in the event of a zombie apocalypse. How do I reassure him?  Talk to his teacher about CDC resources for educators. Their Zombie Pandemic Preparedness Ideas includes an emergency checklist to ensure your child gathers the essentials to survive and a disease detectives scenario to help your child identify how the zombie virus is being spread. Knowledge is power.

How do I talk to my children about a zombie apocalypse? Once again, leave it to the professionals at the CDC. Their graphic novel, Zombie Pandemic: Preparedness 101, is informative and worthwhile for all ages.

How do you find a decent place to hole up, if necessary? Gracious Living in a Zombie World: A Ladie’s Handbook provide a short list of the necessities they look for when seeking a new home. Musts on their list include fertile soil, a water source, and nearby woodlands or water for  hunting and/or fishing.

Is is ethical to take my neighbor’s fortified house and weapons if I’m not prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Well, Zombie Spirituality provides pointers for some of the ethical decisions one might have to make. “Never feed a stray they won’t go away” sums up their recommendations.

Can you recommend a good zombie movie? The Zombie Mistress Overlord‘s review of Juan of the Dead inspired us to watch the movie and we weren’t disappointed. You can’t help but love a movie where the phone is answered, “Juan of the Dead, we kill your beloved ones.”
We hope you enjoy checking out the zombie blogs mentioned above. If you follow a blog we missed, let us know in the comments.

Happy Wednesday from the Zombie Emergency Relief Organization. We feed zombies so you won’t have to.


One comment on “A Little Help from our Friends

  1. Thanks for the plug! We’re glad we could be of assistance to your gentle readers. -Miss E

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