Book Review Friday: The Trip by Tim Morgan


The Trip, a young adult zombie novel, follows the path of three unlucky high school kids after their cross-country cycling graduation trip is interrupted by the zombie apocalypse.  The three teenagers, possibly HIV positive Chris, best friend to everyone Dave, and blog updating Meghan, bicycle their way through hordes of zombies with no guns or other form of protection in their attempt to return home. In fact, they rely on evasion techniques and kill surprisingly few zombies, even when surrounded by hungry hordes of them.

The story itself is straightforward. Much like the movie “Warriors,” these kids have a long way to go and many zombie opponents to get through until they reach the perceived safety of their hometown.  In that respect, this is a serviceable story. The journey from A to B is predictable and only slightly complicated by the personalities of the group members. Unfortunately it is not a story that sticks with you afterwards.

Possibly because the main characters are not particularly memorable. The use of a HIV positive teenager (and I’m still not sure if he ever got an official diagnosis or needed more testing) left me waiting to see how this played a bigger part in the story, like maybe HIV was zombie protective, but it never paid off.

Overall it was an okay read and, based on the reviews on Amazon, there are people who enjoyed it much more than I did. Available free for Amazon Prime Kindle owners to borrow as well as available for purchase and in paperback here.


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