Book Review Friday: The King of Clayfield by Shane Gregory

The King of Clayfield by Shane Gregory is the story of a zombie apocalypse from the point of view of a museum curator in the po’dunk town of Clayfield, Kentucky. Divorced and largely friendless, our protagonist doesn’t realize there is much of a problem with the human population until a car crashes into a local business and he witnesses zombie on human carnage.

Rather than focusing on ex-military, Vin Diesel types busting zombie brains, The King of Clayfield focuses on basics of survival. How many horses can the survivors feed? Is it time to go Amish or keep hoarding kerosene? What is the first thing you should do when you realize shit is going down? Short answers: As many as you can feed, go Amish, and print out every piece of survival information on the internet you can.

Unfortunately, the novel succumbs to a standard zombpoc problem: plot. The characters are well written and the writing excellent but ultimately, the story doesn’t go anywhere. The group faces zombies and survivors but there’s no arc. The story ends with no resolution.

The King of Clayfield is still worth a read. At $2.99 it’s an absolutely steal if only get some excellent tips on plotting your survival during the zombpoc. The characters are solid and while the plot is lacking, there is a sequel, All That I See (The King of Clayfield), which promises more time with the well-developed characters and world of Clayfield.

If you’re looking for a well paced, easy read for the weekend, pick up The King of Clayfield.


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