Free Stuff Sunday: Zombie Pandemic MMORPG game

Zombie Pandemic is a free MMORPG game that lets you fight, barricade, and barter for survival in the zombie apocalypse.

With an e-mail address and a password, you can create your survivor. The game has a great tutorial that while slightly obtrusive (I wanted to loot!), gives a great overview of the basic gameplay and explanation of the stats. You wake up in the zombie apocalypse with zero memory and an address in your pocket. After fighting your way to the address, your memory slowly comes back and it’s time to find your family.

Easier said than done. Zombies and survivors alike are trying to attack you and your only defense is the weapons you can find in the streets. While there’s a wider plot, it’s easy to become distracted by looting and fighting. Especially since guns and ammo can be found by shaking down the bodies of zombie victims. Armor is found everywhere. And after one too many close calls, it’s easy to get cocky and start attacking everything that moves.

Zombie Pandemic is an easy game to grasp and fun to play. There are premium services that provide quicker level ups and more survival gear. If you’re the type easily annoyed by in-game ads a la Farmville or Candy Crush, this isn’t the game for you. But if you can enjoy some simply zombie killing fair, get Zombie Pandemic a try.

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