Free Stuff Sunday: Miss Burton’s Class

Starting with the plaintive plea “Is anyone out there?” Miss Burton’s Class is an ongoing journal by Miss Burton, a 5th grade teacher who finds herself trapped with a class full of students during the zombie apocalypse.

Miss Burton’s Class is imaginative, fun, and best of all free. Despite the student-centered storyline, this blog is squarely in the PG-13 category – emphasis on the gory. From the bathroom situation in the media room to the description of the undead, particularly the zombie nurse, Ms. Burton is not afraid to tell all the nasty details of what’s going on during the zombpoc.

Miss Burton has been cataloguing her experiences for over a year now. There’s a huge backlog of adventures to catch up on. If you want a hair-raising and scary zombie story, head over to Miss Burton’s Class for our Free Stuff Sunday pick of the week.


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