Book Review Friday: Sea Sick: A Horror Novel by Iain Rob Wright

Part Groundhog Day, Part 30 Days Later, Sea Sick: A Horror Novel follows police officer Jack Wardsley as he replays the outbreak of a deadly plague onboard the Spirit of Kirkpatrick.

After a traumatic experience in the line of duty, Jack doesn’t expect much from his time aboard the vessel. He just wants some peace, quiet, and a couple of bottles of scotch. On his second day aboard ship, a common cold affecting one-third of the ship’s passengers changes for the deadly. Suddenly, the coughing and sneezing turns to eye bleeding and a taste for flesh. After fighting his way out of the theater to safety, a split second mistake ends with Jack’s windpipe being crushed.

When he wakes up, it’s the same day, same scenario. Jack finds himself once again battling his bloody-eyed, flesh-eating, fellow passengers to escape from the theater. Jack needs to find a way to save the ship or risk losing his sanity.

Sea Sick is a cool little novel with slick writing and great pacing. It takes a turn for the paranormal in the back half, but that plot twist only enhances the story. While bioterrorism and drug money is great, Pathwalkers and magic curses shake up the book in an unexpected and fun way.

ZERO has previously reviewed Iain Rob Wright’s free novel The Peeling. Check it out on Kindle for a small sample of Wright’s work. Sea Sick: A Horror Novel by Iain Rob Wright is a great pick for a quick weekend read. Pick it up on Amazon here.

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