Book Review Friday: Brew by Bill Braddock

  Brew, by Bill Braddock, is a fast paced romp that combines the craziness of a college football weekend with a crowd of sex crazed, flesh-eating drunks. Though they are not identified as zombies, they do consider brains a delicacy. But in Brew these creatures, primarily college students, are avid consumers of all things flesh. Whether it’s snacking on the nearest bystander or having noisy, eventually mutilating public sex, flesh drives this story.

This is not a tale for the young or the squeamish.

The premise, the local microbew, affectionately known as Cougar piss, is spiked by eco-terrorists. Since the activists don’t have the know how to carry out their plan, they outsource the job to chemistry student Herbert Weston, a villain reminiscent of Harold Lauder in The Stand. This group of self-righteous zealots finds out that not everyone is as honorable as they are and Herbert’s glee at the turn of events almost makes him likeable.

Though Brew manages to show the worst in people, it also reveals the people who band together, help one another, and perform heroic acts under the shadow of imminent death. Steve and Cat, local drug dealer and sexy female, try to ethically survive the chaos. For all of her tight clothes and sex appeal, Cat comes across a strong female who is not afraid to make hard decisions. Steve, her companion in arms, takes a little longer to make the right decision, but eventually he always does the right thing. It’s a refreshing and welcome change to spend time in a world where the good guys outnumber the bad.

Overall Brew muscled along at a breakneck pace with vivid descriptions and interesting characters. It might even make you a little more cautious the next time you visit a college on a football weekend. Available at Amazon.


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