Book Review Friday: Still Dying 2

Too distracted to sit down and read an entire zombie book this weekend? Good news. You can read Still Dying 2, an anthology of delicious zombie stories.

Still Dying 2, a zombie anthology worthy of your weekend reading

Still Dying 2, a zombie anthology worthy of your weekend reading

The first story, “How Me and Bozy Became Dads” is an excellent example of an author who knows who to write dialogue and dialect. The title characters, two convicts unlucky (or maybe lucky) enough to be on work detail when the zombie apocalypse starts, provide a down and dirty view of what happens when the shit hits the fan. It also totally slaps down the stereotypes of criminals as self-centered losers, out of touch with the world and the people around them. Not so in this tale, the men with balls and heart turn out to be the ones we least expect. One of those stories that make you want more. Hopefully the author, Patrick C. Greene, is hunched over a laptop at this minute writing a full length zombie novel with Randall and Bozy.

Armand Rosamilia contributes “Dying Days: Television” which is a cautionary tale about relying too much on reality television and not enough on reality. Patrick, a city living hermit who has multiple televisions, DVR’s and a generator, dedicates his life to never missing a television show. To him, the zombie apocalypse is another scripted series and he sees it as an opportunity to be on television instead of watching it.  Rosamilia quickly had me hating Patrick as much as any reality TV star, but instead of riches and fame, Patrick gets what he deserves.

The other stories in Still Dying 2 are just as inventive and interesting. There’s a great mix of characters, and a healthy blend of the worst and best of humanity. I recently complained there wasn’t enough zombie fiction that celebrated the part of us that banded together in times of crisis and helped each other out. Still Dying 2 tells these stories, most notably in “The Old Man And The Apocalypse” by A.D. Roland. Roland did an excellent job of showing the fine line between preserving your life and preserving your humanity. I hope in a zombie apocalypse there are plenty of old men left.

Still Dying 2 will satisfy your craving for zombie destruction and make you check your moral compass. Check it out at Amazon


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