Wednesday’s Child: Lonely No More

Welcome to Wednesday’s Child where we feature the story of one zombie kid and ask our visitors to look beyond the effects of zombification and see the child within.
zombie child

zombie child (Photo credit: skamama)

Nine year old Jaime was brought to the ranch this spring after state troopers found her in the woods of North Dakota. This adorable little girl was the only child in a herd of twenty-nine zombies targeting rural cattle farms.  When the state troopers first corralled the cow-killing zombies, their mission was extermination. After the first volley of bullets, a small form walked out of the milling mob and approached the fence. The hardened state troopers couldn’t find it within themselves to kill a small child in cold blood, even if she was a zombie, so they called us.
Jamie is unusual in that we don’t know her real name or where she came from.  When she was captured her clothes bore no markings and she didn’t register on any databases of missing children.  It’s theorized that Jamie was injured in the first wave of zombie attacks, meaning her family was overrun and either zombified or killed.  This makes the job of identifying her much harder.  Many of our charges are victims of the second wave of attacks, isolated incidents that only harmed the child and left the rest of the family intact. These children have names and a history, Jamie has none. No one knows how long Jamie ran with the roving group of zombies she was captured with or how far away from home she wandered.  We continue to search for her past and hope someday to connect her with any surviving family members.
Prior to her arrival at the haven, Jamie’s only zombie interaction was with adults. As the only child in a large zombie pack, she would have had to rely on the scraps left by adults. Her short legs and lack of power meant she would always be on the edges of group feedings, perhaps able to snatch out a morsel, but never able to obtain enough food to grow strong.  At her first weight-in we were shocked to see her weight was 32 pounds.  Our first priority was ensuring she ate well and gained weight.
Her early struggles to fit into the zombie haven centered around her recent history of constant hunger and deprivation. She stole food from the others, physically threatened those that approached what she considered “her” food, and tended to isolate herself rather than play with the other children. After several weeks of progressive feeding and ensuring she had ready access to food, she started to relax and be less aggressive with the other z kids.
It took several more months for Jamie to make the transition from a closely watched, restrained environment to a more independent lifestyle. Jaime is now on the Yellow Team and enjoys chasing and being chased by her peers during free time outside. With a safe community of children like her, Jaime has become a docile, content child again.
The miracle of working at the Zombie Emergency Relief Organization is watching the process as primitive, violent children turn into trusting and trusted members of our community.
If you recognize Jamie, please email us at feed We can’t reverse her zombification, but we’d like to give her back her name.