Book Review Friday: Among the Dead by Timothy W. Long

Among The Dead

Timothy W. Long’s Among the Dead avoids creating heroes to battle the zombie hordes that surround Seattle. Instead he focuses on survivors struggling to find their place in this changed world. Mike, a reporter, and Kate, a serial killer of men now turned to serial killer of zombies, are making the best of the hand they’ve been dealt. With the military making all the decisions, entering the safe haven of a Seattle sports stadium means having to depend on someone else to protect them after they’ve managed to get themselves this far.

 Among the Dead distinguishes itself by avoiding portraying these survivors as being happy to give up their weapons and freedom in exchange for the expected safety of a fortified compound. Underlying the desire to be part of a larger group is the fear of losing independence and mobility. They question whether to trust the military to protect them or once again set out on their own.  Mike and Kate aren’t the type to roll belly-up and return to domestication. They’ve transitioned into self-reliant survivors, always keeping one eye open for an escape route and the other one looking for trouble.

Kate is a damaged creature and the zombie invasion might be the best thing that’s ever happened to her. No longer obsessed with the demons of her past, she now fights zombies and finds it a socially acceptable outlet for her rage. Kate isn’t content to stay within the safety of the sanctuary. She misses the wild thrill of being in a city increasingly overrun by zombies. Getting past the gates and killing is what fuels her.

Mike, a reporter in his pre-zombie life, is prepared to defend himself, but content to stay in the fortified part of the city. Even so, he keeps vigilant and finds meaning in relying on his reporting skills to interview and question fellow survivors. His knack for asking questions and being observant pay off as he discovers a mysteriously named project that may be the key to leaving the stadium.

Fast paced action, more than a few surprises, and a sympathetic serial killer makes this a solid read. Even without reading the first book in the trilogy, Among the Living, a reader can jump right into this one. Long does a great job of giving us hints of back story, without drowning us in all of the information contained in the first book.

Among the Dead didn’t give me nightmares, but it did give me some great characters that I look forward to seeing in his next book.

Check out Among the Dead at Amazon. If you want to start with the first book, Among the Living is available at Amazon, too.

Ask Us A Question, We Won’t Tell You A Lie

Our mailbox is overflowing with questions from people curious about specific aspects of the Zombie Emergency Relief Organization. Today, we will answer some of those questions.

Question Mark Graffiti

Question Mark Graffiti (Photo credit: Bilal Kamoon)

From Dennis in Idaho: Why do you feed the children cow brains and how many brains do you go through on a yearly basis?

Dennis,  please refer to this link: for the full story on how we came to our decision to use cow brains. As far as how many we go through on an annual basis, each full-grown cow brain is a little shy of 1 pound. Our nutritionists have carefully calculated that zombie children need approximately 1/2 pound of brain per day to keep them active and healthy. Therefore the amount of brains depends on how many children we have on-site. Currently we house 200 zombie kids, resulting in the consumption of approximately 36,500 pounds annually or 16 1/2 metric tons.

Mmmm. Brains.

Mmmm. Brains. (Photo credit: owenstache)

From Caroline in Seattle: Are there any plans to make your zombie kid restraint devices available to the general public? It seems they would come in handy for people who are keeping their zombie kids at home.

Caroline, handling zombie children is best left to professionals. Our team of zombie happiness engineers work to ensure each restraint is as humane and pain-free as possible. Unfortunately we feel making them available to people without the proper training and support would only result in tragedy. On the advice of our legal team, there are no plans to market our devices.

Restraint Chairs

Restraint Chairs (Photo credit: j_bary)

Rex from the Florida Panhandle: In my area, many people die while waiting for organ transplants. Can’t the zombies be put to use for spare parts?

Rex, aside from the ethical issues, zombies exist in a chronic state of decomposition. Transplanting a zombie organ into a live human wouldn’t help the human, instead they would now have a totally non-working organ which would hasten the death of the recipient.

English: Dr. Ehtuish Preforming An Organ Trans...

English: Dr. Ehtuish Preforming An Organ Transplant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scott from Cincinnati: Are there any plans to open up your zombie preserve for hunting opportunities?

Scott, if you can look at the faces of our kids and want to shoot them, there is too much wrong with you to address in this post. Please contact a mental health professional and get the help you so desperately need.

Delilah from New Hampshire: I’ve heard airlines are planning a rule change to prohibit transport of zombies. Are you opening up additional havens for zombie kids in the Midwest and West Coast?

Deliliah, we’ve been in contact with airline executives about this troubling rule change. Our preferred method of transport is through our underground zombie railroad (read the post at, but in some cases we’ve been forced to rely on air transport. Currently we can fly zombie kids in hardcover golf club cases as checked baggage for a reasonable fee. If this practice is stopped, it will negatively impact our ability to take zombie kids from the West Coast. Though we have no plans to open any additional facilities, we have recently added a Washington lobbyist to our staff and hope he can resolve this issue to our satisfaction.

Carousel 4

Carousel 4 (Photo credit: gloom)

Do you have a question? Send it to us at feedthezombiechildren@gmail. com for an answer. Remember, we feed the zombie kids so you won’t have to.

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