Fast, Fun, and Free: The Peeling by Iain Rob Wright

The Peeling: Book 1 (Jeremy’s Choice) by Iaian Rob Wright is a new twist on zombie lore. Rather than the stereotypical walking dead, Wright creates a world in the midst of a horrific plague, one that peels the skin off its victims leaving those around them untouched. As their skin, nails, and mind start to go, the survivors are left in an increasingly violent and unstable world.

The Peeling contains two short stories from two different characters point of view and then a collection of various short stories authored by Iain Rob Wright. The writing is very gory but both stories are interesting reads with solid characters. The entire book is approximately 130 pages but the Peeling stories are about 30 pages each.

If you enjoy the premise of The Peeling and Iain Rob Wright’s writing, he continues the series in The Peeling: Book 2 (The Stadium). You can find The Peeling: Book 1 (Jeremy’s Choice) at Amazon and Kobo.